1. I needed to see this tonight.

    I needed to see this tonight.

  2. deecue:


  3. Brain wave!

    Just came up with a great idea.  I’m going to do what I love!  Yay 32nd chapter!!!

  4. My last day of being 31.

    So far, so good.  I’m doing something out of the box after work.  Ending this year of life with a MOMENT.

  5. It’s my birthday month…

    So what shall I do to celebrate?  Marathon train, sleep more, work less and smarter, get out the house more, and chill out.  This last month of chapter 31 is going to be what I make of it.  I’m going to see beautiful things and experience stuff I haven’t yet.  November is my favorite month…

    What else should I do this month?

  6. Awkward Black Girl. Issa you are my comedy heroine

    November 7th needs to get here way faster.  Part two, I hope she enjoys trick or treating (go team white Jay) ;) also Nina needs to get comeuppance (yes that is a real word) fast!  It was all funny (the sorors slayed me in particular).  Network TV can’t handle your realness Issa.  Seriously, the show is amazing and all sorts of funny.   I, an awkward black girl, salute you.

  7. Committed. AHHHHH!!!

    Ok, so clearly tonight I’ve been all about the Sing Off.  Hallow what?  Committed, thanks to DVR I saw the Chris Brown medley three times in a row.  Amazing.  I want to see them in concert :)

  8. Urban Method made it and Yellow Jackets went home?

    But the Yellow Jackets were clearly stronger!  Moment of bummed out ness…Oh well at least their swan song was wonderful.  Loved the shout outs to the judges and NBC, so cute!  Real talk, if Urban Method makes it past next week and anyone else goes I’ll be so dang upset.

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